KFM2030/2005|IVI-COM 多重環境計測器ドライバ

IVI-COM 多重環境計測器ドライバ

IVI計測器ドライバ仕様に準拠したIVI-COM計測器ドライバです。 Microsoft Office 2000/XP VBA、Visual C++ 6.0/7.0、Visual Basic 6.0、 Visual Basic.NET、C#.NET、LabVIEW 6.0/7.0等で利用することが可能です。





  • Win2k (x86, SP4 + Update Rollup 1)
  • WinXP (x86, SP2 or later)
  • Vista (x86/x64)
  • 7 (x86/x64)
  • GPIB/RS-232C/USB


  • IVI-COM計測器ドライバを使用するには、VISA COMに対応したVISAライブラリが必要です。
  • VISA COMに対応したVISAライブラリとして下記のいずれかのバージョンを推奨します。(複数バージョンを同時インストールする事は出来ません。)
    • NI-VISA 4.6以降
    • Agilent IO Libraries Suite 15.5以降
    • KI-VISA 4.2.4以降
  • 32bit OSを使用する場合、x86版計測器ドライバのみインストール出来ます。
  • 64bit OSを使用する場合、x64版/x86版の両方の計測器ドライバを必要に応じて個別にインストールしてください。


LabVIEW用のラッパーモジュール(VER 7.1以降対応)が同梱されています。




  • 2024-02-25 README
    [KikusuiKfm IVI-COM Instrument Driver] README
    Last Update 01/APR/2010
    The KikusuiKfm is the IVI-COM instrument driver that complies with the
    IVI specifications. The driver can be used with most of ADEs (application
    development environment) such as Microsoft Developer studio, Microsoft
    Office VBA, National Instruments LabVIEW, etc. as long as the ADE supports
    Microsoft COM (Component Object Model) technologies.
    Supported Instruments
    Kikusui KFM2030 Fuel Cell Impedance Meter
    Kikusui KFM2005 Fuel Cell Impedance Meter
    System Requirement
    This instrument driver requires the following operating environment.
      Windows 2000 (x86, SP4)
      Windows XP (x86, SP2 or later)
      Windows Vista (x86/x64)
      Windows 7 (x86/x64)
    Internet Explorer:
      Internet Explorer 7.0 or later is required.
    Windows Scripting Host:
      When the instrument driver is installed, it registers itself to 
      the system registry. Some portion of this operation requires that 
      your PC is able to operate scripting files (.VBS) file.
    IVI Shared Components:
      Version 2.0 or later
    VISA Shared Components:
      any version
    Kikusui IVI Configuration Utility:
      This utility enables you to configure the logical names, virtual names,
      and other default behaviours about the driver. If your application is
      aware of interchangeability operations, it is highly recommended to 
      install the configuration utility. Otherwise it is an option.
      VISA Library that complies with VISA specification 4.0 or later with
      VISA COM software. Actually NI-VISA 4.0 or later, Agilent IO Libraries
      Suite 15 or later, or KI-VISA 4.2.4 or later is recommended.
      If you connect your instruments through the GPIB interface, you must 
      prepare the GPIB board and its driver, which are supported by the VISA
      library that you use.
      If you connect your instruments through the RS232 interface, you do not
      have to install any additional software.
    Revision History
    ----------------  18/Mar/2004:
    Bugfix - Initialize() did not invalidate state cache.  10/Dec/2003 the first release   02/APR/2010: KFM2005 support added
    IVI Compliance Info
    IVI Compliance Category:
    IVI-COM IviDmm Specific Instrument Driver
    Class Specification Version: 3.0
    Group Capabilities Supported:
    IviDmmBase				= Supported
    IviDmmACMeasurement 			= Not supported
    IviDmmFrequencyMeasurement 		= Not supported
    IviDmmTemperatureMeasurement 		= Not supported
    IviDmmThermocoupleMeasurement 		= Not supported
    IviDmmResistanceTemperatureDevice 	= Not supported
    IviDmmThermistor 			= Not supported
    IviDmmMultiPoint 			= Supported
    IviDmmTriggerSlope 			= Not supported
    IviDmmSoftwareTrigger 			= Supported
    IviDmmDeviceInfo 			= Not supported
    IviDmmAutoRangeValue 			= Not supported
    IviDmmAutoZero 				= Not supported
    IviDmmPowerLineFrequency 		= Not supported
    Optional Features:
    Interchangeability Checking	= False
    State Caching			= True
    Coercion Recording		= False
    Driver Specification:
    Driver Revision:		2.1.0.x
    Driver Vendor:			Kikusui
    Component Identifier:		Kikusui2030
    Description:			Fuel Cell Impedance Meter
    Hardware Information:
    Instrument Manufacturer:	Kikusui
    Supported Instrument Models:	KFM2030,KFM2005
    Supported Bus Interface:	GPIB, Serial, USB
    Software Information:
    Support Software Required:	VISA Library of SPEC 4.0
    VisaCom Library			Required
    IVI Shared Components		Required
    Source Code Availability:	Not available
    (c)2010 Kikusui Electronics Corp. All rights reserved.


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