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Our Strengths Include Multi-perspective Insight into Power Electronics and Measurement !

PWR-01 Series

Compact Wide Range
DC Power Supply

New flagship bench-top DC power supply

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AC/DC Programmable Power Supply

6 kVA in a 6U frame and up to 36 kVA in a single unit

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PLZ-5WH2 Series

Compact High Voltage
DC Electronic Load

Max.Operating Voltage 1000V and Up to 100kW/2000A with parallel operation

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TOS9300 Series

Electrical Safety Multi-analyzer

Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond, Leakage or Partial Discharge, this analyzer covers it all!

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PCR-MA Series

Compact AC Power Supply

It's an AC power supply that can be used easily

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PMX-Multi Series

Compact Multi-Output DC Power Supply

Three models with 2, 3 and 4 outputs
Each output is isolated

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